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Wood Coffins
Cedar Coffins
Pine Coffins
Maple Coffins
Coffin Styles
Simple/Basic Coffins
Eco-Friendly Coffins
Premier Trimmed Coffins

Any box used to bury the dead in is a coffin. Use of the word "casket" in this sense began as a euphemism introduced by the undertaker's trade in North America.

A "casket" was originally a box for jewelry. North Americans may draw a distinction between "coffins" and "caskets", using coffin to refer to a tapered hexagonal or octagonal box used for a burial and casket to refer to a rectangular burial box with a split lid used for viewing the deceased.

Receptacles for cremated human ashes are called urns. A coffin may be buried in the ground directly, placed in a burial vault or cremated. The above ground burial is in a mausoleum.

Funeral Caskets & Coffins.

Caskets by Design offers funeral caskets direct to the public at the lowest prices you will find on the internet. We manufacture all our funeral caskets here in Idaho, and we ship nationally to the lower 48 states, PR & Canada.

We offer a very wide selection of funeral caskets, from a simple pine box to premeir hardwood mahogany & walnut caskets, all available in custom sizes as well as 100% eco-friendly construction.

By buying a funeral casket from us you'll save on average 20%-50% compared to most funeral homes and other on-line retailers, including Walmart.

Click here for a price list comparing our funeral caskets to Walmarts.

Traditionally, caskets have been sold only by funeral homes. But under a 1997 law, the Funeral Rule, you can buy a casket from an outside source and have it shipped directly to the funeral home. The Funeral Rule also requires funeral homes to agree to use a casket you bought elsewhere and does not allow them to charge you a fee for using it.

Please take a few minutes and browse our site using the menu's to the left & right, and if you have any questions at all don't hestitate to contact us.

Funeral Caskets from Caskets by Design.

Contact Us by phone M-S 8am-6pm mt., Toll Free at 1-866-450-6290 or anytime by e-mail at sales(at)casketsbydesign.com or click here to leave us a message.

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